Vapour / Media Blasting

Vapour & media Blasting


Vapour, or wet blasting is defined as “the use of high pressure compressed air mixed with an abrasive media within a water solution to achieve a high-quality finish on a number of different surfaces.”

The addition of water gives vapour blasting a much more consistent finish over dry blasting. It does so because the abrasive material is buffered by the water, also creating a smoother finish. This is especially important when the surface being vapour blasted is highly sensitive, such as engine cylinders or polished parts.


Media blasting is a process that uses pressurized air to shoot pieces of an abrasive material (known as blasting media) out of a nozzle. The force of the blasting media can strip paint, rust, or other blemishes from the target. Think of it as pressure washing with small particles instead of (or in addition to) water.

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